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Advantages of dental implants connection Cone Morse

Published : 02/24/2018 18:35:46
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Advantages of dental implants connection Cone Morse

That a surgical treatment with dental implants comes to fruition is thanks to criteria of a biological, mechanical, functional and aesthetic type, taking into account these criteria will guarantee us obtaining excellent results.

Osseointegration is a critical aspect when it comes to obtaining optimal results, it is at this point that the connection between the implant and the prosthetic abutment takes on great importance.

The internal morse cone connection developed by Stephen Morse in 1850 is an evolution of the previous connections developed by Branemark as is the external hexagonal connection (more info on Branemark).

Advantages of the cone connection morse are clear there is a decrease in mobility between the union of the implant and the abutment since there is an increase in the support surface of the abutment in the implant from a biological point of view this type of union cone morse minimizes notably bacterial filtration.

In the control of microbial filtration, it is the platform switching system that provides a fundamental key, with numerous cases of study and demonstrated success controlling the reduction of the bone tissue reabsorption, thanks to this the long term aesthetic results are excellent given that the maintenance of soft tissues is optimal

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