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Influence of Metal and Ceramic Abutments on the Stress Distribution

Published : 03/05/2018 17:29:37
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Influence of Metal and Ceramic Abutments on the Stress Distribution

Purpose: This study aimed to compare, through photoelastic anal-ysis, the distribution of stresses around narrow implants with exter-nal hexagon (EH) and Morse taper (MT) connections, when single crowns made with metal and ceramic abutments were used.


Materials and Methods: Six photoelastic models were prepared, simulating the use of narrow EH and MT implants replacing a lateral inci-sor. These 2 groups received 3 different abutments: prefabricated metal abutments, customized metal abutments, and customized zirconia abutments. All crowns were identical and made with a leucite reinforced glass-ceramic. Vertical loads of 0 to 100 N were applied on the palatal surface of the crowns, and the pho-toelastic stress fringes developed in each model were captured in a high-definition video, and digital photo-graphs were taken at 100 N.


Results:The abutment type and material influenced the stress distri-bution patterns around narrow im-plants with EH and MT connections. Stresses were generated mainly around the apical and lingual re-gions of the implants.

Conclusions: For both connec-tions, the prefabricated metal abut-ments presented better stress distribution around the implants when compared to customized metal and zirconia abutments because low stress levels were developed in smaller areas around the implants. 

         see full Systhex Implants Article study by Dr. Gustavo Holtz, Dr.João Almeida Grossi, Dr. João César Zielak,Dr.Allan Fernando Giovanini, Dr. Adilson Yoshio Furuse, and Dr. Carla Castiglia Gonzaga Here

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