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Systhex seeks to consolidate the company as a benchmark of product quality and processes in order to build a brand of excellence that is recognized and approved by its public.

The Systhex Quality Policy establishes guidelines to monitor and promote continuous improvements for business development. By applying this policy, we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients.
Consequently, Systhex has a commitment with:

                   - Compliance with laws applicable to the organization of its products, services, agreements and precepts voluntarily established by the company;

                   - Adoption of principles that are based on proactivity, efficiency, flexibility and innovation;

                  - Compliance with strict quality controls that target problem prevention; - A permanent quest for perfection of all activities;

                  - Adoption of better principles to meet assumed commitments;

                 - Promotion of relationships by means of its business behaviour based on dialogue, ethics and transparency. 

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