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Attract Implant
  • Attract Implant

Attract Implant


Attract Cone Morse Implant


Diameter (mm)
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Oxytite® Surface:  The Oxytite® surface was designed to accelerate cell interactions with the implant surface and make the bone integration process quicker and more efficient.It consist sprays followed by an group of acids.

Oxytite Surface Microscope Oxytite Surface Microscope2 Oxytite Surface Microscope3


Connection AttractDesign AttractCone Morse Connection


- Hight cutting power.

- Bone condensation property.

- Excellent initial stability even in unfavourable bone situations.

- Implant diversion power.

- Macroscopic grooves between implant threads for quicker osseointegration.

- Switch platform.

- Cone morse indexing.

- Cylindrical implant.

- Conicity at primitive screw diameter.

- Double Thread with trapezoid profile.

- Internal Connection.

-Oxytite surface.

- Cover screw included.

- One prosthetic interface for all implant diameters.

- Implant must be fixed 2mm below bone level.

- Maximum recommended torque 65

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Cone Morse
Titanium G.IV


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Attract Implant

Attract Implant

Attract Cone Morse Implant


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